Artistic farewell gifts to Mayor Pam

by Esther Hammer
South Tampa News & Tribune
March 30, 2011

"Reflections" by Taylor Ikin
(Visit my Commissions page for a larger view)

   When Robin Nigh, manager of art programs for the City of Tampa, asked South Tampa artist Taylor Ikin to create something special as a farewell gift for outgoing Mayor Pam Iorio, she did not hesitate.

   "I took my camera and went downtown and started shooting scenes like the Riverwalk," the artist recalled.  "Then I went home and started painting."

   Somewhere along the way, a committee started feeding her ideas of landmarks around the city that they wanted included in the painting.

   The result is a memento that chronicles many of Iorio's accomplishments.

   "Every single subject represents something important for the mayor," said Ikin, who stretched herself beyond her comfort zone to do the painting of people and places.

   "Now that it's finished, I'm happy to go wallow in my wilderness again," she said.

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