Landscapes, seascapes refresh the viewer at Studio@620, Nuance Galleries

by Lennie Bennett
Times Art Critic
St. Petersburg Times
May 13, 2010

"Wind's Up" by Taylor Ikin

   Hot air rises, as we all know, and this is the time of year it begins its muggy ascent.  Suddenly, that nature hike is not the great idea it was a few weeks ago.

   If you still crave a nature fix but are more interested in standing under an air-conditioning vent than the blazing sun, consider a visit to two area galleries where landscape paintings bring the outside indoors.  Landscapes became a popular genre in the pre-photography days when people wanted reminders of places visited or armchair travelers wanted to dream of places only imagined.

   Thomas Murray delves into a mythological exploration of a garden in a series titled "Archetyptonics" at Studio@620, 620 First Ave. S, St. Petersburg.  Loaded with references to goddesses - and be aware that the show contains nudity — Murray's paintings also depict a lush paradise.

   Taylor Ikin and Laura Waller offer more literal versions of the great outdoors in an exhibition at Nuance Galleries, 804 S Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa.  Ikin paints on a plastic paper called YUPO that gives her watercolors a high gloss. Recently, she has been roaming Hillsborough County for unspoiled pockets of natural beauty as her subject.  Waller, who also works in watercolors, often record her travels.  She has applied her impressionist style to the Maine landscape in this new series.

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