Artists don’t mind starving when they use YUPO

Yupo Corporation
November 2007

   Taylor Ikin - Friend of the Earth uses Earth-friendly YUPO

   YUPO gives visual artists an amazingly beautiful canvas to work with.  Its smooth, bright white opaques and translucents give fine artists a medium that always goes large.  Take a look at some of the works created on YUPO and you’ll want to create more matter and more art.

   Glance at Taylor Ikin’s work and you’re taken to a place preserved and heralded in the heart of the artist.  Her unique landscapes and natural scenes convey a richness and vibrancy that dances on a YUPO canvas.  Ikin chooses YUPO because of its tree-free creation as well as its versatility.  Using watercolors on YUPO give her the opportunity to lay down and pick up color, creating layers of interest for the viewer.

   “In addition to the serendipitous flow of paint, the glossy coating allows Ikin to remove and adjust it, nearly impossible to standard watercolor work.  With a swipe of paper towel, a portion of the wash is gone.  With a broad damp brush stroke, another portion of color is expanded.” - Lennie Bennet, Times Art Critic, 10/3/06

   “My work is all about fragile Florida and the necessity of conservation and preservation.  I paint images of today to serve as mirrors of the past, with hopes that they will act as a reminder for future generations to respect the many gifts of nature.” - Taylor Ikin

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