County Highlighted at State Capitol

The Tampa Tribune
September 16, 2004

Joe Miller and South Tampa's Taylor Ikin were at the opening of her exhibit,
"The Hillsborough Collection"

   "The Hillsborough Collection," an exhibit of watercolors by South Tampa artist Taylor Ikin, opened recently at the Capitol building in Tallahassee.

   The collection includes more than 30 watercolors of Hillsborough County wilderness areas.  It debuted at Nuance Galleries in South Tampa in April and moved to the Florida House in Washington.

   In creating the collection, Ikin's passion for painting dovetailed with her love of Florida's wetlands and wildlife.

   "I'm doing what I believe in because it's preserving the past and preserving our lands," Ikin has said.

   The collection, which features waterways, bridges, birds and mangrove roots, leaves Tallahassee on November 17, 2004 for the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, where it will remain through February 2005.

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